You are also on Google’s surveillance


Where is not Google! Imagine being able to spend a day without Google or Google’s product or service is becoming more difficult. From Google Maps to YouTube – to get-sit-sit we are using some of Google’s.

Statistics show how much Google is impacting our daily lives. More than 100 million people are searching on Google every month, about 200 million people are using YouTube every month, at the same time about 120 million people are using Gmail. The vast number of users are telling that it is easy to get people’s personal information easy to day by making it easier for Google.

But the people who are using Google or Google’s products, are Google collecting their information only? Or are those who are not Google users, their data is being stored in Google’s database? Vanderbilt University researcher Douglas C Schmidt tried to find answers to this question.

To answer this question first, you need to know how Google collects information about their users. When a user is opening or logging accounts with their personal information in Gmail, YouTube or any other Google service, then all of his personal data is being stored in Google’s database. This is the active way of collecting Google data.

But there is another ‘indirect’ method of collecting Google data, which many users do not know. Google is handling user data through apps or advertisements that are active in the background of the mobile. With the help of data collection through these two ways, the real-life information of the people is also going on in Google’s hands. And they are making separate profiles for everyone with this information submitted.


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