Windows 10 users use 80 million


Dear reader, someone who does not know Microsoft company may No man in this world The company’s latest version of Windows 10 opened in July 2015. The world’s largest software firm Microsoft has set a goal to keep Windows 10 active on 100 million devices. However, around the world, 80 million devices around the world are running Windows 10 Microsoft officially announced this.

By the end of this year, the manufacturer is going to stop giving Windows 10 updates to smartphones. In the last year, Windows 7 has increased Windows 7. Windows 10 is now running on more than 40 percent of devices. Windows 7 is in second place with 38 percent share.

Since the release of Windows 10 in July 2015, the news agency Xinhua reported that in the last three months and eight months, 80 million miles reached the message.
Microsoft did not complete the goal of enabling the Windows 10 operating system to launch 100 million units within three years. In September last year, Microsoft said it would go for 70 million user milestones. Microsoft has increased 10 million more users in the last six months, according to Microsoft. Yousuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Modern Life and Devices Group, said in a tweet, “Thanking users and partners for achieving the highest customer satisfaction in the history of Windows 80 million.



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