Why does the clock rotate on the right?


Why the clock rotates from left to right?Why not move from right to left? Both of these questions have come to me and your head. Today I will give you simple answers to this question.

Clapper sounding around the clock. Where do we go, all of us see-right! But never came to the idea, why the right side? Rotating left or what is the problem? If not, then what exactly is the clockwise just rotates right?
The oldest clocks, in which there was no issue for the thorns. Yes, the sunglasses are the world’s oldest clock. There were many sunglasses but there were many types. The oldest sunglasses are called the Obelisk of the Egyptians. It is believed that the Egyptians learned to make this clock three thousand and a half years before Christ’s birth. Another such watch is called ‘Shadow Clock’. It was built by the Babylonians, about a hundred and a half years before Christ’s birth.

Now, during these sunglasses, time was seen as the shadow of the sun. That is, the thorn and the bar that indicates time, it would have been fixed. During the sun’s light, it was calculated by observing the change in shadow. And in the clock of the clock again, these thorns will turn around and tell time. There is no patch to see the shadow. This watch, which means that the clock turns clockwise, the watch was first made in the 13th century. But then these watches were not so popular. How to do it, the people still did not need to see the time. People saw the sun and understood that it is not morning or noon, no evening or evening. There was no need to sweat over time.

About 400 years later, when the factories started to sit in the 18th century, people began to need to see the time. Must go to the factory at certain times, eat lunch at a particular time, work on it again, it will be a holiday at a particular time, the factory rules that much! Then everyone needed that thorny clock, so that everyone could do all the time in time. As a result, the clock became very popular.

Let’s match an account. In the region where old watches were created, Egypt and Babylon – but in the same region. Other sunglasses were made but roughly near that region. That is, in the middle of Asia and Europe, according to the terminology of the Western, which is now called the Middle East Egypt-Iraq-Iran-Turkey in the region. Most of the world’s famous ancient civilizations were developed but in this region. Egypt’s Egyptian civilization, Mesopotamian civilization in Iraq, Iran’s Persian civilization, Greeks of Turkey and Troy’s civilization. The Mesopotamian civilization has four divisions – the Sumerian civilization, the Babylonian civilization, the Assyrian civilization and the Caledonian civilization. And due to the geographical location of this region, the shadows of sunlight would have shifted from west to east continuously with the day. In other words, as the day went towards the night, the shade went from west to east. From there the thing about clockwise came. Accordingly, the clock went from west to east.

Now the question is, what is left and right with the west-east? Now let’s sit with a map. The top of the map has a directional sign. N or North is written next to him. That means, the upper part of the map is North, which is the answer in Bangla. And the lower part is south. Then, on the left side, towards the west and right to the east. That is why the clockwise left from left to right. I mean, it should not be left from right to left, it should say west from east.



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