Why am i seeing this post in facebook


Facebook is going to launch a new feature called “Why I’m Seeing This Post”
This feature will tell the user how to pick up the posts shown in their news feed.

Facebook has quoted Facebook authorities as saying that new features have been introduced for many UK customers since Monday. This button can be seen for millions of subscribers in the world from May 2.

This button will be in the drop-down list on the right side of the news feed. In the related post and the user comments on the comments, the news feed shows that some supplementary information will be communicated to the customer.
As a result, users will know that their profile details match the advertiser’s database information.

Since 2014, Facebook has provided an explanation for advertising. They were introduced to ‘Why Am I Seeing This Addition’ feature after being shown why it was shown in the advertisement.
Facebook has said that the feature will be updated further.



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