Which Lens Best for Photography


The DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflect) camera uses different types of focal length lenses. To understand the type of work, the photographers use different lenses.

Focal Length

When the content is the focus, the distance between the lens and the image sensor is called the focal length of the lens. This distance is usually measured in millimeters (mm). For example, the maximum and minimum focal length for a zoom lens is 18-55 mm. Although this focal length lens is available as a kit with Canon or Nikon cm DSLR cameras. The price is not too much. Canon or Nikon is available to buy this lens for just eight thousand rupees.


Wide Angle Zoom Lens

EF 16-35mm lenses are called wide angle zoom or wide-to-wide lenses. Its aperture is F / 4. This lens of the Canon series will cost around 70 thousand taka. Again a professional lens of professional photographers is Canon L (Luxurious) series 16-35mm lens, which is aperture F / 2.8. The special advantage of the L-series lenses is the color, sharpness, fast focus etc. This wide-angle lens is especially used in photo-journalism. The price of this lens will be around 1,65,000 taka. Nikon Wide Angle Zoom Lens is AF-S Nikkor 14-24 mm Aperture is F / 2.8G, ed. The price of this lens will be around 92 thousand taka.

Fish Eye Lens

Fish Eye lenses are called fish eyes. Because, as the fish sees her trail, fish eye lens can also see up to 180 degree angle. Interestingly, any ordinary item with a fish eye lens can be easily displayed like a giant monster. Fish Eye lens is used to draw photos of archaeological or architectural features, especially in more detail. Canon EF 10-22 mm fishery I lens price is Tk 62 thousand A Nikon 10-24 mm Fish I lens costs 30 thousand rupees.

Mid Wide Prime Lens

35 mm focal length lens called mid-wide prime lens. Originally, it is a favorite lens of photographers. Canon EF 35 mm aperture F / 1.8 USB lenses will cost 38 thousand rupees. On the other hand, the 35 mm aperture f / 1.4 L (luxury) series lenses will cost Tk 1.25 lakh. Nikon series 35 mm aperture F / 1.4 lens will cost around Tk 1.44 billion.


Macro lens

Some types of macro lenses are focal lengths. Such as 50 mm, 85 mm, 100 mm, 105 mm and 135 mm 50mm focal lengths, especially used for portrait photography. 85mm focal length is used for photographing flowers, small animals or other fine subjects. 100 mm focal length is mainly used for food photography. 105mm and 135mm lens stamps, are used to take pictures of fine craftsmanship of butterfly or hopper wings.


Prime Lens

50 mm focal length lens is called Prime Lens. This lens is mostly used for portraiture. This lens has three types of aperture numbers. Such as F / 1.2, F / 1.4 and F / 1.8 It is said that the common sight of humans is around 50 mm. For which the image of the 50 mm prime lens is too much alive. Not only that, this lens is an ideal lens for beginner photographers.
Canon L (Luxurious) series 50 mm aperture f / 1.2 lens price of 1 lakh 25 thousand taka On the other hand, Nikon 50 mm aperture f / 1.4 lens costs 30 to 40 thousand taka.


Telephoto or Super Telephoto Lens

Generally speaking, 200mm to 300mm focal lengths are called telephoto lenses. The 400mm to 800mm focal length is called super telephoto lens. 200-300 mm telephoto lenses are used to take pictures of portraits, fashion, glamor, etc. Super telephoto 400-800mm lenses are used mainly for photographing subjects such as sports, birds, investigative journalism etc.
Canon or Nikon’s telephoto or super telephoto lenses cost up to 1.5 million to eight lakhs.



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