AC is controlled on the smartphone


Technology is also touching the household’s products. Smart TVs, refrigerators, and other instruments used in the house. Bangladeshi electronic product maker Walton has introduced the IOT (Internet of Things) Technology Smart Smart AC for the first time, which is controllable from voice commands and smartphones. That is, with the help of a digital assisted device like Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can increase, reduce, turn on or off with smart controllers without a remote controller. Everyday or monthly bills are coming in the SEC? Is not voltage low? What is the compressor overload? SmartSee will meet these answers.

Walton authorities have said that Inverter Technology Compressor has been incorporated in Walton SmartSee. As a result, this AC provides the refrigerant according to the internal temperature of the room. Compressors are asleep when the house cools down. Provides the temperature according to the requirement, the cost of electricity is very low. Compressor stability increases.
Mohammed Mostafizur Rahman, Additional Director (PR, Media and Branding) of Walton Group, said that these are the Ionizer technology, which will freeze the house as well as freeze dust and bacteria from the house air. In addition, more precision has come to the compressor accuracy and cooling system.

Due to the built-in automatic voltage protection system in compressed power, there is no harm to the voltage or variation of the voltage compressor.
Walton accepts AC price as it is being manufactured in high technology in the country’s own factory. The BAB recognized Nasdaat UTS testing lab is strictly controlling the standards. This inverter technology Smart AC has been brought down to reduce the cost of electricity. As a result, these Walton Walton companies have made huge response to the market.
Venture and Riverwine series 1.5 tons of Walton smart AC price is 65 thousand taka. In the same series, the price of 2 tons of smart sir will be Tk 76,400.

In addition to the 6-month replacement guarantee, Walton has been offering 10-year guarantee to Smart Inverter technology for compression. Apart from this, customers will get 3 years free after-sales service, including one-year free home service.
Walton has a lot of advantages in the purchase of AC Walton. Now, buying Walton AC, the buyers are getting the opportunity to get the electricity bill full of one year. Besides, the company’s ‘AC Exchange Offer’ is running. Under the new AC, instead of the AC used any brand they are giving new AC. Customers can buy new AC models of any model of Walton by submitting old AC in Walton Plaza and showroom.

After submitting an old AC, the customer will get 25 percent discount from the price of the new Walton AC as per his choice.
In addition to the country’s ongoing Digital Campaign Season 4, any Walton Plaza or distributor in the country can buy AC from the showroom and the customers can get the maximum one lakh cash vouchers, motorcycles, laptops, refrigerators, TVs, many homes, electrical appliances, free of cost


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