Samsung Galaxy S10 VS Huawei Mate20 Pro


Samsung has released the new flagship smartphone called the Galaxy S10 Plus. The South Korean firm released the phone on February 20 in San Francisco. But the price of the smartphone is too much because technology-lovers have also criticized.
Many people think that Samsung is walking on the wrong path like Apple, leaving more prices. Samsung also plans to release their fallible phones in the market. The phone is expected to be available in the market from April 26.

Samsung’s flagship phone S9, however, did not have the advantage in the market. Because there was not much difference with the previous version of the S8 with the S9. That’s why the Korean company wants to retain its customers with the new flagship Galaxy S10.

It has been put in to attract customers – triple cameras, fingerprint sensors on ultra-sicable displays, storage facilities up to terabytes, amyloid displays, and many features.
Almost a year ago Huawei’s flagship Mate 20 Pro got a great reputation without the market. Can Samsung’s new flagship feature upgrade attract customers?
Let’s know the differences between Huawei Flagship Met 20 Pro with Samsung’s flagship S10.

Camera: The first attraction of the flagship phone Ultra wide angle lens

Samsung has made interesting features, including good images, Zooming facilities and triple camera with ease in the S10 Plus. Huawei’s Met 20 Pro has already earned the reputation of the customers. Huawei’s triple cameras are: 40 megapixels, 20 megapixels and 8 megapixels.
On the other hand, three of the Sassangon S10 cameras are – 12 megapixels, 16 megapixels and 12 megapixels. Moto 20 Pro is the top of the smartphone ranking ranking of DXO Mars. Huawei first uses Ultra Wide Angle Lenses with Leeker.

At a glance, the S10 Plus and Mate 20 Pro:

Battery & Charging Technologies:

The Samsung S10 Plus has been upgraded to a battery capacity of 4100 mAh. However, more than the battery capacity of Huawei’s Met 20 Pro. MET 20 Pro has a 4200 mAh capacity battery. Huawei’s flagship phone also has 40 Watt Super Technology Charging facilities. By which only 70 percent of the charges can be charged in 30 minutes.

Gaming experience with dual SIM

Samsung’s new flagship has a dual SIM option with hybrid sim slot. Most Android has this feature. Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro has a dual SIM feature with volt facilities. Phone call can also be received while playing the game on the Huawei flagship phone.


Galaxy S10 Plus is available in a few colors, these are Prism White, Prism Green, Prism Black, Prism Blue and Canary Yolo. However, the exception is MET 20 Pro. Because the towel is kept in the flagship of Huawei.

Now you have understood the difference between the two phones.


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