NASA sends robot bee in the Space


US Space Research Organization NASA is going to send three robots bees to the International Space Station.

According to a blog post on Tuesday, Astrobie Robot will work with the help of astronauts’ research, along with the maintenance and reservoir monitoring.

Astrobi has been made at the NASA Research Research Center in Mountain View, California, California.

Use the fan to navigate through the robot and any axis. Astrobby has a robotic arm for working. The camera and other sensors used for navigation have been used.

According to the report, the battery-operated Utukuku robots will automatically charge a power station if they are charged.
According to NASA.

Astrobi will also be used to help researchers experiment with testing, technology tests and robot communication with people in space.

The results of this test were told that humans can be more prepared to carry out the search on the moon and other planets. Two of the three Astroobi space stations will be sent to the center this month, the report said.


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