HP’s new laptop in the market

Dear reader, First of all, I will salute and salute. I hope everyone is good. Those who are thinking of buying a new laptop, you must read this article.

For the first time in the country’s market, the HP brand of 8th generation new Intel processor has got 26 models of different laptops in three series. These include 11 models of HP series, 7 models of Pavilion series and 5 models of Spectros series.

HP Spectros X-360 Convertible Laptops are Automatic Technologies. The most exclusive model of the Specter series is 13-AP 0077 TEU. The 8-generation new Intel Core i-Seven processor has 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, 512 GB SSD, 13.3 inches full HD touch display, Webcam, WiFi and original Windows 10. The price of this laptop with 2 years of service is about Tk 58 lakh. The HP Spectra series of new laptops, starting from 1 lakh 29 thousand rupees.

Pavilion 15-CU 1004 Tx model has the most powerful configurations among new laptops in the pavilion series. Intel 8G Generation’s new Core i-Seven processor has 8 GB DDR3 RAM, AMD Radion 530 model 4GB graphics card, 15.6 inch full HD display, Windows 10 original operating system and 1 terabyte hard drive. Price of Laptop with 2 years of service is Rs. The laptop is available in both blue and gold colors. However, the HP pavilion series new laptops will be priced at Tk. 51, 900 to 72 thousand 500 rupees.

The most entry-level models of the HP laptops are the HP 15-DA 0015 TEU. The new Core i5 processor with Intel 8G Generation, this laptop has 4 GB RAM, 14-inch display, Windows 10 operating system, Bluetooth, WiFi and 1 terabyte hard drive. The price of laptop with 2 years of service is Rs. 39,800. The prices of new laptops in the HP series range from Tk 39,800 to Tk 51,300. Smart Technologies is marketing HP brand of laptops in Bangladesh market.

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