How to Take Free Payoneer Master Card


Our today’s tutorial is about getting Payoneer Master Card tips from any country in the freebies. In fact, almost every player found in the master card free. But there are some ways, which we can adopt, we can get master card in the freebies via Paynei. There were different types of systems, or you might have seen. By which the Mastercard card from any country was absolutely free. However, the earlier chances are closed. But do not worry, there is a new opportunity like that. Through which we can take Peony’s master card for free. So, we need to login to a website first and log on to that site. Then apply for Payonei Master Card. So let’s see how to do it, there is not a few screenshots, including the text below.

First you need to login to this link. This site is basically a web site. Through which you can earn money by publishing ads on any website like Google add. So they help add money to their clients to get their Master Card in free to earn money. So by entering the above site or link, type your email address like the above screenshots and click the Go button.

Then you’ll see it coming like the screenshot above. See here they are here to tell you a message has been sent to your email. Now enter the email address you gave above.

After entering your email, see a message from Chitika called Complete Your Application. Apply the message, if you take the message, just look like the screenshot above. Here you have to click on the Complete My Application button.

After clicking on My Application, a registration form like the screenshot will appear. This means that you will be taken to the Chitika site registration form. So here you have to fill all the information like the screenshots one by one. Then click the Submit button. (Those who have websites link your website to the website url, and do not have any link to any website.

After clicking on the submit button, a message from the top screenshot will float. They will review your account where they will be told. Please wait for some time now. Or maybe a little late. Sometimes, check your email inbox to wait. After the end of the review a message will be sent to your inbox when your account is running. Now go to Chitika site and login.

After logging in to chitika site, click on the top left bank account like the screenshot above and click on Payment Settings.
After clicking, Payoneer’s Sign Up button is displayed. Here are two options. One is Bank Account, Payoneer Master Card. Here you can select Payoneer Master Card and click the Sign Up button.

Then fill the registration form on the Payoneer site like the screenshot above and click on the Next button.

Fill out the form of contact information with you and click Next. Then fill in the security details and click on the Next button.

This time, select any of the issuing country of ID as the screenshot above. If you have ID card on your ID type, select it or select National ID card on paper ID card and type the name of the card. Then, at the place where your card will send, the address given in address line 1 and 2 (which is going to show here) or want to give another address. If you want to give another address, then select Enter Alternate Shipping Address and give it the address.

After a while, check your email inbox again. You will need to upload some documents to verify your payee account. Such a message will appear just like the screenshot above. Now click on the Upload Documents button.

When successfully uploading the document, a message like the screenshot above will appear exactly. This is your turn to wait. Payee’s Authority will verify the information given on your account. After verifying, if all is correct, then your card will be sent according to your address.

Thanks to everyone.


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