Finding the Super Human

Somewhere anywhere in the world, ‘super human’ will be seen and people will not have to wait longer! The birth is like a new kind of new molecule, like the original component of life. Whose name is ‘Hachimozhi’ Japanese word ‘hachimoji’ Earlier, such molecules did not appear in the earth. Can not find anywhere in Brahman. This molecule is a ‘super-human’ jiyokati! The research paper, published in the latest issue of the International Science-Journal ‘Science’

Researchers who took part in NASA funded research said that this newly discovered molecule has a new kind of life in the jiyonkati. That is not yet noticed by the people. But the life of life may have been long before it was transmitted to the zillion. NASA scientists have indicated, with the help of this molecule, maybe a super human or a super human will be created! Steven Bennner of the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Alcatuah, Florida, under the leadership of international research team. DNA expert of Indiana University in Michigan, Indian Professor Kumar Ranganathan is also in this team. According to NASA scientists, this super human might have the idea that we may have this world or a vinous planet on this super human. Maybe it has been created somewhere in the past or maybe somewhere in the Super Human And the super human being is making it even better day by day. According to Dana Das, divisional head of astrophysicist and astrophysicist of the Indian Center for Space Physics (ICSP) in Calcutta, the life may have improved even after billions of years. Or, like us, a creature could have created that life artificially in a distant past. Which is much better than us. It may be better people or ‘super human’. Or maybe better animals or better plants!

DNA expert from Indiana University of Michigan, Kumar Rongnathan, said, “It was known that the body of DNA was developed, four letters of the letter of life were created. A, C, G, T. The four letters of the alphabet are five times greater than the number of alphabets, 20 types of amino acids are developed through different types of exercise.

Ranganathan said, our research said that the concept has to be changed now. The existence of another molecule is possible as the DNA molecule. Molecules can also be made, where the body of DNA is not formed in four, eight things, and the DNA body is formed. Their short names are P, B, S and Z. We named it, ‘Hachimozhi’. ‘Hachi’ means eight And ‘mōji’ means, characters.

According to him, instead of the previous idea, instead of 4 characters, DNA will be composed of eight letters. If this happens, instead of 20 types of amino acids, there is a possibility of creating more amino acids that will create new life. And that is more likely to cause a better life than ours. Originally, NASA scientists believe that they have already been specially created by the help of a hychemozone molecules in the world or on any other planet, they have called this particular soul as a super human.



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