Cause of suffering in Facebook


In one incident in 2015, 50 minutes were closed on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook was closed for two and a half hours due to the update of the database in 2010. Facebook has long been known to have closed the hashtag on Facebook for a long time.

On Wednesday, the problem started using the popular social network Facebook website. So far, some people can not access all the features of Facebook even if they can login to the account. The question is, is it a cyber attack on Facebook.

Facebook authorities, however, blown the fear. They said that there was no incident of attacks on Facebook on Facebook. Distributed Denial of Service or DIDS is a major type of cyber attack using harmful Trojan-related computer systems.

The Verghee technology website said, not just Facebook, there is still trouble using Instagram. Now users can access these two platforms. That is to say, some services have been normalized. However, some services can not be used yet. Many people can not send messages to messenger. No one can post to Facebook feed., as well as WhatsApp, as well as WhatsApp users are also facing problems. Problems are also being faced in the case of Facebook-owned Okulas. There was no problem with WhatsApp initially. However, WhatsApp, users of several countries including Bangladesh, Paraguay, India, Argentina, have also been in trouble.
Many people are seeing error messages while logging in to Facebook. It is written in the message that Facebook is undergoing maintenance. It’ll be fine in a few minutes. Find out the reason for seeing this message at the moment. Thanks for the patience. We are working to improve our site.

One Twitter from Instagram said, “There is a problem to enter Instagram. We are aware of the matter. Our team is working to resolve the problem quickly.
While Facebook’s mobile app is somewhat normal, there are problems with the desktop. Facebook ads are not working properly Those who are going to advertise, they get the internal error message. ‘
According to the BBC report, the cause of the problem is yet to be ascertained or even known, but authorities are not willing to bring the matter to the public.
A Facebook statement published in the BBC said, “Many people using Facebook and other apps using Facebook are facing problems. The matter has come to our attention. “The statement said that Facebook authorities are working to solve the problem quickly.

Failure to stop Facebook from doing so suddenly is not new. Earlier, due to technical updates on Facebook, the system had been closed for a while. Many people think that this may be a problem due to Facebook updates or updates.


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