Beware of shopping on credit cards


Using credit and debit cards, there is more convenience in shopping. There are many benefits that can be found on different occasions, such as not keeping the cash in all span or at the end of the month. Although the reasons for usage are different, overall the number of credit card users is increasing. As a result, criminals are now looking at credit cards. There is no alternative to awareness for this. If you are alerted, the credit card information may be stolen or cheated by fraud.

No transaction except https: //
It is important to be careful when dealing with any website, whether it is written in green / https before the address of the website. If there is no https: //, then there is the possibility of data being stolen from the website and should not be traded on such a website.

Only from known websites:

Online shopping should be done known website only. Specifically, you should open the website address directly from the browser without opening the address or link of a new website found in e-mail or messenger. Links available through various means can be phishing (the information is captured by the site) or fake websites, which are usually used for theft of website information.

Do not online shopping from public place:

There should not be any kind of shopping from cyber cafe, computer lab or any computer which is used by different people at different times. All these computers may be monitored centrally. There may be some software that is already deleterious to carry out the data.

Likewise there are fears of similar losses due to the free Wi-Fi shopping center or open space. So in this place online transactions should be avoided.

Update software:

The latest version of all the software on personal computers should be used. Having the old version software limitations can be used to capture information stored on the computer. Another great way to steal credit card information is to use stolen (pirated) software. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the software is updated as well as the original license.

Use antivirus:

Computer viruses or harmful programs can cause various types of user damage. Copying users’ passwords on different websites, viruses and malware-carrying software work from erroneous websites and motivate them to purchase online and steal credit card information.

Amount of money Combine:

You should combine whether the exact quantity of the product or service is required to be paid. As well as the confirmation that the payment of the e-mail and the SMS has been received, it should be seen whether the payment amount is the same. Currently, the information about the payment of each debit and credit card payment in the country is communicated to the customer through SMS.

Use chip attached card:

If the company currently uses a credit card, if the card is not connected to an electronic chip, then the company can apply for a new card with a chip. Chip cards are safer than the previous cards.


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