Antivirus is not work on Android phones


Many of you think the antivirus is important for mobile devices now. However, most antivirus and anti-malware used for Android-powered mobile phones are inefficient and non-viable. This information has been released recently by a survey of Austrian antivirus examinator AV-Comparatives.

According to AV-comparatives, they surveyed about 250 antivirus apps. Of these, only 80 apps were able to identify the harmful app in 30 percent of the cases. The ability to verify 2,000 malicious apps has shown that most apps show fake warnings.

The popular 138 apps in Google Playstore were put on the test list. Among them are Avest, AVG, BitFindender, Cheetah Mobile, DU Master, Isate, Falcon Security Lab, F-Secure, Google Play Protect, MalwareBights, McAfee, Simnette, VSAR.

Zedinet’s report said that researchers examined each app individually. After installing the app and then downloading malicious apps, their functionality was tested.
Experts from AV Comparatives say they have tested 2,000 known Android malware threats in 2018. But the popular apps can hold 90 or 100 percent of them. But the reality is different. 170 apps in 250 apps could not detect any malware. In 23 apps, 100 percent of malware claims to be detected. There are 16 apps that have not been made for Android version or above.

Collected: prothomalo


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