5 emergency apps on mobile


In modern times, it is difficult to find people who are not in the hands of a smartphone. A smartphone is able to solve many problems of your life. We need a lot of smartphones for everyday living. Suppose you get an important email on the way to the workplace, you have the ability to read and reply if you have a smartphone. There is no need to be present in the office anymore for sending the necessary files from the phone to the office, there are many cloud storage services like Google Drive / Drop Box. Know that some app names that are not on the phone.

Front Back Camera:

Even after having a front and back camera on the phone, the picture became the only one. So how are you feeling when taking pictures, download the FrontBack App to see. Front and rear cameras work together. Not a picture, two pictures will rise.

Detty App:

After one message wants to send a message or send an audio message. So download the Detty App. This app will change your typed message to a song.

Moody’s Emotions Analytics:

The mind is not good and the dear ones can not understand what is going on inside the mind? Download Solution to Moody’s Emoticons Analytics. Apparently, 20 seconds into the mind of your app. You can understand the meaning of your mood and share it with your gestures, accents and words.


You can know what’s going on in your phone via Notification. And to get the details of personal life, Download Avrady. To keep the to-do list from the date of recharge of the phone, the electric bill submission dates. Reminders can also save voice notes in the message.

Tunnelbyer VPN:

If you can not access any site, you can use this app. You can also access other sites that are outside the country, through this app.

If the mentioned apps are installed, your mobile will become more smart.


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