360 degree camera


Welcome to Dear Reader, Allhavebd. I’m talking to the camera-lovers who are you. Either can not buy the camera due to lack of money. So take a 360 degree picture with your smart phone and surprise everyone. I myself used this camera. So take a look at 3 good cameras.

Phataif panorama pro:

Flataffe is awesome in the virtual reality app. You can trust to take high quality 360 degree photos safely. Especially for the housing businessmen, this app is very useful. Flataffe can be a simple solution to create built-in real-time virtual reality tour or three-dimensional images inside the house. Automatic image stitching, 360 degree photographs, there are more features like Photoshop, Social Media sharing. Three-dimensional images can be exported, or taken from the gallery to the SD card on the phone. But this app is not free. The price goes up to 10 dollars.


If you take 360 ​​degree photos, this app will teach you the right hand. Whenever you need to do after the camera is turned on, its instructions will be easily available. Pano shows quite a picture in the picture by adding pictures. As a result, the result of panoramas is excellent. This app will be useful if you are interested in business. Because of its easy interface and technical perspective, there is a lot of demand for Playstor and I.Tunes. Panorama photography has a few basic tips.

Panorama 360:

Android is one of the best apps to take 360-degree photos. But be sure to check the app before placing the PlayStore very well. Because, ‘Panoromas’ and ‘360’ – Millions of apps match the Playstore with these two words. Panorama 360 can also be photographed as well as video. There are three modes of in-normal, manual and real time. Once the tapping started, the shots started, just after circling around. After the photo is taken, the editor automatically creates panoramas by adding pictures. So far 12 million downloaded Panorama 360 Of these, 41 thousand users gave five star reviews. Average Plastore rating 4 With the app, 360-degree photos can be made up for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Geo-tagging features can also be described in panoramas.

You must be happy to use any of the mentioned 3 cameras.


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