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Dear reader, Welcome again to Allhavebd. All types of jobs have to be faced with viva or oral examination. Most of the experts are fluent in job interviews or interviews. But interviews for the newcomers became a cause for fear. Neo de Costa, therefore, explains the details of new or franchised job interviews. If you keep these rules in mind, then you know. But you must be successful.

Prepare yourself

When applying for a job, do not waste your time. Besides, the employer will not be the cause of annoyance. Instead, prepare yourself and try to meet the needs of the employer. What does a human resources officer expect from a fraser? There can be many discussions about this, it is normal to have different needs for different organizations. But there are some basic requirements, which are applicable in all cases.

Concept of Jobs:

If you look for many jobs, it may be difficult to keep track of all the applications you send. Keep a list of applications submitted with a job description to remember about the job you have requested. When the employer calls you; Then you will know what to say in the context of an application. Many times the employer spent time calling the applicant as part of the initial interview. Many applicants forget that they have applied for a job or they applied for a company.

Learn about the organization:

This is the primary job, which most applicants do not follow. Most of the time, they do not have a basic idea about the organization before making calls or before the interview. Because the organization’s history, product or service, good news about the organization, the best way to create great impression on the brother. In the age of information technology, you can take the initial idea about the organization if you want to touch the finger. Find out if someone you know is working. You can also take ideas from him.

Tell Yourself

During the interview, the employer is asking you the question, how can he solve the company’s problems. Every question answered during the interview should be solved that if he is appointed he can solve any problems of the organization. One of the most common questions of the interview, ‘Tell me about yourself’. It means – tell me something that can solve the problem of the organization.

Employers are also looking for you:

Know, if you have online presence then your potential employer is looking for you interested in it. The applicant must know that both the employer and the applicant are searching them online. Any social media or professional site as well as an online resume or profile by the employer probes the possible person for his appointment. Provide any information to any potential employer. Make sure that information is compatible with online. Of course, continuous negative activity online can have a negative impact on them. Employer is always looking for someone who wants to be part of their team.

Primary Preparation:

Candidates always ignore primary job-searching tips. Candidates often give incorrect information in CV or Resume format, delay in interviewing, or irrelevant information in the interview. Employer wants to know from the candidate about how they work as employees. Apart from this, the employer is aware of the fact that the clothes of the pickups, the pen paper, the CV or the resume copy, the timely appointment, the use of these notes. He hopes that the candidate will be aware of this and will take part in a successful interview by organizing everything. All applicants have completed educational qualifications. But the employer is looking for him, who is qualified, ready to work. If he is appointed, the problems of the organization can be resolved.

Thanks to everyone.


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